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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonder Years - Part 2 (2001)

The nights quite long, days rather short,
educes the question, to live or abort;
The dams are open and waters flow,
sometimes they rush else so slow.

The silent tides, they ebb and crest;
never they die, but they do rest;
Tireless they roam, over rocky terrain,
marking the way, forever to remain.

The thoughts exist, but so obscure,
images are blurred, like waters they wore;
The tides rise in a quite crescendo,
before each siesta, to trail and go.

As they lay, back to the earth,
times rolled back, with no dearth;
Anticipation grew by each moment,
awaiting the warm glance with distinct accent.

As returns arrive, with galloping speed,
the entire gamut of frames, flash beneath the eyelid;
The epilogue nears, as shadows seek the horizon,
and the wait resumes for the dams to reopen.

..........b'coz this is one thing I valued most after all.

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