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I am a confused soul, trying to find the meaning of life. And I feel, there is no better way to see things clearly than to write them down. So I write...oops..type ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonder Years - Part 1 (2000)

A night had passed, one set to arrive,
the days blow, but on nights I thrive;
The thoughts flow, but the dams remain,
over the smooth and rocky terrain.

Deep down the way there it was,
the something I had always dreamt of;
A sail amidst the isles of adversity,
full of laughter and great variety.

A slender figure , yet imposing,
a bit confused, still convincing;
The days show, a touch of aura,
while nights cast a bed of flora.

The heart cried, with gates wide open,
and eyes glittered as dams reopened;
As air narrowed into a warm valley,
the words flowed in a huge rally.

Alas! it had a halt,
sorry if I was at fault;
I pray it shouldn't stop at all,
b'coz this is something, I valued most after all.

The nights have returned, so dark,
A lonely figure, beneath the starless park;
The thoughts flow but the dams remain,
As I wait for them to open once again.


  1. Amazin usage of language n vocab!
    Very touching..

  2. @lemmeb...Thanks madam! :)
    Appreciate your appreciation, as it comes from the Spardha the Great!