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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Faith! Should I trust you? (Incomplete...)

As the journeys begin to a beautiful unknown,
I search through the pages of times bygone;
the trails of believers of the yesteryears,
that guide us through trials forever.

I tried to size into many a different feet,
and continued to belabor in this excruciating heat;
until I traversed the entire trodden path,
to find, not a step, befitting in the vast expanse.

Today, I shook my head in vain and despair,
searching in sparkles of brine for hope somewhere;
Moments of triumph linger down the memory lane,
to remind me of days sans much pain.


  1. I do not understand the relation between the title and the lines that follow the title.

  2. @Ramya...Faith/belief in your destiny is what meant. Something when things start meandering aimlessly is when you start questioning their purpose.
    Thats what i tried to convey.

  3. Sirjee,

    Kamaal karte ho aap! :D Sachchi mein.

    Today, I shook my head in vain and despair ~ There were,are and will be many a 'todays' as mentioned,when the whole feeling of uncertainty resurfaces and makes us wonder about the purpose behind something.

    Faith,hope,perseverance,patience - pillars of life sure are man's best lifelines(KBC fever :P)

    Need I say 'I like it'? May be I shouldn't say so because I didn't just like it but super like it(now count the number of likes :P. Cheers!