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I am a confused soul, trying to find the meaning of life. And I feel, there is no better way to see things clearly than to write them down. So I write...oops..type ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eternal Silence

As the gallant is on an imminent decline,
the angel , with sublime innocence resurges;
with chirping melody , that inebriates a stoic
and the smile so sweet I fell in love with.

The days sailed , and the times paused,
as I admired the beauty that cascaded;
Just as the grandiose world was none to see,
before a promenade beside the sea.

Alas! I stalled her way to the destined fame,
and the spirits within went into complete mayhem;
The times rolled back in moments of reflection,
as I sank into an epoch of self-contemplation.

Now as the world rejoices in your name,
I feel like a man possessed, sans shame;
May your wins know no bounds,
and make me feel like never before proud.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Silent Eloquence

Inhibitions flew on the wings of times,
as the nascent buds of love sprouted within;
Emotions inundated my heart in holy shrines,
and we sailed into those exalted precincts.

Those eloquent eyes, that serene smile,
your inebriating voice, and the charm sans guile,
engulfs me into the heights untouched,
and I bask in light of thy love, long searched.

Those cozy evenings, and the speechless moments,
is a prelude to the times, so soothing and clement;
The little mischief, and the puny arguments,
leave indelible impressions, of tacit agreements.

Today I metamorphose into an eternal optimist,
as the dream, with you in my life seem so lucid;
The prevailing winds accentuates the belief,
yet I reaffirm to fulfill the promises....implicit.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Naive Arguments (from 9th grade)

In the midst of city, there there lives a lad,
full of ambition but still sad;
with no trust in everybody,
neither envious against anybody.

Then from somewhere around a corner,
came a sweet girl by nature's order;
Full of belief and brimming devotion,
she tried to change the boy's imagination.

She tried to induce hope and trust,
and to 'live' which she called is a must,
But he paid no attention to her noble advice,
and thought his lifestyle, safe and more wise.

She tried many a more hundred times,
until at last she committed her last crime;
Finally she shook her head in despair,
the gallant still searched for bliss somewhere.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Madamji (in Hindi)

Ek waqt beeta, chand lamho jaisa,
aayi sandhya, fir bhor ka intezaar kaisa;
Do pal ki mulaqat thi, fir yeh gham kyu,
guzarta jhoka hi to hai, fir yeh aalam kyu.

Kuch is tarah aye who mere jahan mein,
navjivan wani liye zaban mein,
Maddham hui zindagi, shor-e-halaal se,
pariyon ka saya ho jaise kapal pe.

Har mushkil mein unki yaad aati hai
yakeen hai , uchit marg dikhlati hai,
Man mein guru ka sthan deta hoon ,
aapke satkaar mein shish jhukata hoon.

Ab udasi si chayi hai is man me,
jo gham ki syahi se likhi is kagaz mein,
Kya kahe zindagi kuch aise hi fisalati ja rahi hai,
par aisa kyu hai ki kuch apno ko jane bina hi ,
…………. wo hamse ruksat ho leti hai.