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I am a confused soul, trying to find the meaning of life. And I feel, there is no better way to see things clearly than to write them down. So I write...oops..type ;)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Confessions of an Idiot

I walked alone a fairy trail,
of green and brown, all kind it hail;
of joys and tears of many years,
succumb today, to my only fears.

I walked alone so proud and tall,
no matter then, how bad I fall;
A ray of light was there to guide,
that shown my home in shiny bright.

I walked alone through eerie plains,
and tread along through woods n mains;
though sure I was of curves and straights,
it lacked the thrill of unknown pains.

I stepped into the woods unknown,
wary of what each step would hold;
but glad I am for once being bold,
to feel the breeze from planet earth.

I walked alone through starry nights,
and dream t of dreams on sunny days;
though shattered few and lovely few,
I walk along, knowing well, I burnt every sinew.

I Keep Walking!!!....