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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eternal Silence

As the gallant is on an imminent decline,
the angel , with sublime innocence resurges;
with chirping melody , that inebriates a stoic
and the smile so sweet I fell in love with.

The days sailed , and the times paused,
as I admired the beauty that cascaded;
Just as the grandiose world was none to see,
before a promenade beside the sea.

Alas! I stalled her way to the destined fame,
and the spirits within went into complete mayhem;
The times rolled back in moments of reflection,
as I sank into an epoch of self-contemplation.

Now as the world rejoices in your name,
I feel like a man possessed, sans shame;
May your wins know no bounds,
and make me feel like never before proud.

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