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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Living Angels (A tribute to the nurses of Jaslok hospital, Mumbai) 2001

The lights recede, as shadows arrive,
the flame shivers, as storms drive;
The will wobbles, as waters overflow,
as the oblivious foe shows its face.

As the pages of times unfold,
a glimmer of hope they behold;
The paradise is here, with gates wide open,
I felt a hug there, and my will firmed up.

The angels drowned in spotless white,
with smiles ON they looked so very bright;
The milky crown, showed the aura,
while the silent speech, cast a bed of flora.

They come with sweet imagination,
and toil with undented dedication;
They infuse zeal and enthusiasm,
with a good bit of conviction.

The turbulent seas began to calm,
as they kissed me with their warm palms;
They bestowed upon me their blessings,
which I can never repay by thanksgiving.

Now as the dawn nears,
I am delivered from all fears;
In retrospect as I look back at the crests and troughs of the terrain,
let the pages crumble,
but these memories will be there forever to remain.

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