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I am a confused soul, trying to find the meaning of life. And I feel, there is no better way to see things clearly than to write them down. So I write...oops..type ;)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Confessions of an Idiot

I walked alone a fairy trail,
of green and brown, all kind it hail;
of joys and tears of many years,
succumb today, to my only fears.

I walked alone so proud and tall,
no matter then, how bad I fall;
A ray of light was there to guide,
that shown my home in shiny bright.

I walked alone through eerie plains,
and tread along through woods n mains;
though sure I was of curves and straights,
it lacked the thrill of unknown pains.

I stepped into the woods unknown,
wary of what each step would hold;
but glad I am for once being bold,
to feel the breeze from planet earth.

I walked alone through starry nights,
and dream t of dreams on sunny days;
though shattered few and lovely few,
I walk along, knowing well, I burnt every sinew.

I Keep Walking!!!....


  1. That was one Nice read basude sir!

    Reminds me of a Mark Twain line which goes "A few years down you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do...so throw off the bowlines.Sail away from the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover"

    So keep the 'bring it on' attitude up n kicking...

  2. beautifull... made such a pleasant read... keep them coming....

  3. @intern/Priya.....Thanks dear!......glad u liked it!

    I so very agree with those words by Mark Twain.....Explore.Dream.Discover....will try to stay true to those as far as I can ;)

  4. @Tavish...Thanks buddy! glad you found it to be a pleasant read :)....I tried to keep it short n simple.

  5. Johnny Walker... Keep walking..

    lagta hai kal raat un se mulakat hui hai jo unki story poem ke roop me utaar de :)

    Sahi hai.. great.. lekin samajh nahi ayi .. JW chaiye :)

  6. @Tarun....haha.....yeh inspired by Jonnie Walker ;)....but this was a triple coffee effect....and trust me; the coffee hangover is worse than any other hangover.....theres no cure for it n it lasts too loooong for comfort :(

    waise kal kisi se muaqat nahi hui :P

  7. though sure I was of curves and straights,
    it lacked the thrill of unknown pains

    Do you want to experience the unknown pains?

    Good one!!!

  8. @Tulsi...glad u found it good! no greater joy than receiving praise from Madam :)

    well, yes...pain is sometimes good, if it emanates from the mysteries of life...it has that romantic charm about it.....which makes life all the more livable and memorable :)

  9. kk, ........I hate to say it........but its good ............u write well :)........i wont be surprised if ur book is published before mine :-P

  10. Hmmm...simple, succinct and above all, i would appreciate and applaud the positivity it radiates!
    I am really touched with the way you have described the transition from the known to the unknown..from being taken care of to being "bold".

    Great going and keep up the spirit!!! Cheers to LIFE!! :)

  11. Hello Sirjee!

    Glad to see a poem after quite a while. To me, you are a super poet first and a good writer next and that explains why I'm delighted and glad to read your poem :)

    I clearly remember,the first post I read on your blogger page was a poem and that moment I knew I could expect reading some thought provoking literature from you and I wasn't wrong :)

    About the poem, it gave me similar feel which I get each time I read 'A Psalm of life' by H.W.Longfellow.

    The beauty and power of strength and will have been portrayed beautifully -
    'I walk along, knowing well, I burnt every sinew.
    I Keep Walking!!!.... ~~Kudos to ending it the way you did. In fact it doesn't 'end' per se, it indicates continuity which subtly hints at 'keeping at it' attitude :)

    The tone is neither too aggressive nor too passive and that led to popping of this word 'Peaceful Warrior' in my head :)

    The character or rather the creator is nowhere close to idiocy :P 'Confessions of a Peaceful Warrior' sounds more appropriate to me ;)

    There I go writing a thesis again..Couldn't help it! :) After writing all this should I really mention how much I loved the poem?

    Please keep the poet/writer in you alive no matter how busy you get. It is a gift to be able to do justice to both genres. Cheers! :)

  12. @Sanket....wow...sanket baba liked my poem :)....thanks boss!

    well...writing a book is still a pipe dream....coz i am very poor at prose.

    I am sure i ll have the pleasure of reading urs first ;)

  13. @lemmeb\Spardha...thanks dear :)

    i am sure u can picturise the life of the Idiot, having know him for over 15 years now....huh...its been some time :)

    n offcourse....the unknown has its own crests and troughs...but it was way better than being in stagnant waters......as u said....Cheers to LIFE!!!

  14. Awesome!! Loved it!!

    What are you doing in IT? Lets start business. I'll publish you :-) :-)

  15. @Raksha....well, what do I say :) I am so glad that u ve liked my works so far.

    I am not a prolific writer who can write about anything and everything...but there r things and moments that tickle the writer in me ...and i write :)

    Well about this poem, its about how I have lived my life thus far.....tried to put in a nutshell :) and also how things have changed off late.

    Regarding the ending....its to emphasize that, I tried my level best (burnt every sinew) in whatever i tried. some failed, some bore fruit...but i move on n keep walking, knowing well, i did my best to set things right.

    Keep coming back every time :)
    Cheers to Life!

  16. @Rahul...Thank u sirji :) glad u loved it!

    Good Idea sir, lets start with a publishing house :)...just that, to stay afloat, we need to publish everyones books except mine ;)


  17. I am not a prolific writer who can write about anything and everything...but there r things and moments that tickle the writer in me ...and i write :) ---- WELL SAID! :) I can empathize to a certain extent. I say 'to a certain extent' because in my case it is a prick rather than a tickle ;P I prefer tickle any day :D

    Commendable perspective and outlook on life :)It is nice to look at life from others' point of view(barring some exceptions) ;)Your perspective appeals to me and that explains why I comeback every time :)Cheers!

  18. PS: I pray that the tickle tickles you more often! ;)

  19. Lovely :) and its definitely not the confession of an "IDIOT" :D you need to reconsider

  20. Keep Walking till you get rid of all your Fears..
    Keep Walking in dark or in light..
    Keep Walking till you get the feel of breeze...
    Keep Walking till you get the thrill of life...
    And Keep Walking till the last step of your life........Keep Walking MY FRIEND....

  21. What can I say, its been so long since I wrote or read...and this one's perfectly suitable to my short absence..We MUST keep walking...

    PS: Is it true that the only constant is change?

  22. @Raksha...Thanks madam! :)
    Life always tickles you...its only how we take it!

    and it does tickle me quite often these days, but i ve been too lazy to put those experiences into words :(

  23. @Anuradha...Thanks :)

    Well...I must impress upon the fact that...only an IDIOT would experiment with life to end up with such misadventures....and yet be glad to have been through it all! :)

    Keep coming back to share your perspectives!

  24. @Santi...:)

    Yes Indeed!......Do we have any other option but to keep walking?....coz..to stop is to be out of sync with life's own parade!

    keep coming back :)

  25. @Sidra...Yes we MUST! :)

    Every stage of our life brings in a change...and we are forced to change to survive.

    so change need not be always engineered...it comes in uninvited most often.

    But the real fun lies in engineering change...try it! ;)

  26. keep walking...

    liked the flow of the poem.

    keep it goin;)